Sampling sites

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Recovering samples from differentes sites

Sampling to test commercial devices with the aim of:

  • To refine the methodology
  • To evaluate the technological needs of NIRWOOD prototype
  • To determinate the algorithm for predictive model

Sampling in Xylotheques

A xylotheque is a wood collection where you can find a large number of samples of different species from different origins.

Sampling in big industrial sawmills

We have chosen those sawmills working with a larger amount of commercial wood species and all of them with well-controled geographical origins.

Sampling in small family-owned sawmills

Small sawmills work with a short number of species and timber coming from very close areas (no more than 50km around), allowing us to ensure the origin of the wood.

Sampling already sawn template and tropical timber

One of our targets consists in the determination of spectral differences between the most variate wood species. Already sawn timber help us to collect samples from temperate and tropical species both in tangential and transverse sections

Sampling on field

Sampling fresh wood just extracted from the forest brings us the opportunity to test methodologies adapted to rough conditions. It definitively shows the difference between portable and not so much portable devices.

Sample processing

Dozens of thousands of spectra have been recorded during this phase of the work. We are currently working in the chemometrical analysis of these spectra. The aim of this work is to develop a predictive model that will allow us to determine botanical species and geographical origin of the wood.

Samples processing

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