Collaborators and Acknowledgements


GEA FORESTAL makes possible NIRWOOD Project with its knowledge about forestry, timber trade, forests sustainability needs, wood traceability, and the economical, social and environmental consequences of a good management of the environment. But its network of specialists and forest related companies and collaborators will support our work to reach our ambitious targets.

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Collaborators & Acknowledgements

We acknowledge the help of the following sawmills and xylotheques, and to the people who helped us to contact with them to successfully carry on with our test sampling in Spain.

Aserradero Bouzas Garrido (Pontevedra)

Aserradero Bouzas Pereira (Pontevedra)

Aserradero de Tuiriz (Lugo)

Aserradero Herusoli (Segovia)

Aserradero José Félix (Segovia)

Aserradero Luis Cuesta (Segovia)

Aserradero Manuel Riadigos (Pontevedra)

Aserradero Nacimiento (Ávila)

Astigarraga Kit Line (Gipuzkoa)

Ebaki XXI (Bizkaia)

FINSA (A Coruña)

Hermanos Tomás (Burgos)

Hijos de Vidal Bedia (Asturias)

Hijos de Vidal Bedia (Asturias)

J. Pazos (Pontevedra)

Maderas Ángel Suárez (Asturias)

Maderas Calve (Teruel)

Maderas El Real (Teruel)

Maderas Goiriz (Lugo)

Maderas Irigoyen (Navarra)

Maderas Llande (Asturias)

Maderas Manuel Sanz (Teruel)

Maderas Rubal (Lugo)

Puertas Sífer (Burgos)

Siero Lam (Asturias)

Xiloteca de CIFOR-INIA (Madrid)

Xiloteca de la Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros de Montes (UPM) (Madrid)

Herbario del Real Jardín Botánico (CSIC) (Madrid)

Francisco Álvarez Rubiños (Cerna)

Rebeca Fernández Farpón (Asmadera)


Ignacio Urbán Martínez y Ernesto Gutierrez Tejón (Bosques Naturales)

Ibai Segurola (Eguranga)

Marcos Estévez Malvar (FSC España)