Progress, advances and milestones.

Learn more about the milestones and the progress of our project.


Milestone 1. Regional sample collection and methodology refinement using commercial devices

Progress:   90%

In this Test phase we have taken samples in realistic environments, similar to those that we will find in the International sampling phase. Doing it, we deduced the correct methodology and some of the needs of our definitive NIRWOOD device.

In this milestone we used 3 different commercial devices whit different wave length ranges and precision to determine their most useful features. We measured only perfectly controlled geographical origin samples and well known species in Spain.

Milestone 2. Sampling analysis and categorization. Preliminary wood spectral data chemometrics, algorithm identification and prediction model development

Progress:  60%


Spectra from very different species and origins will also help us to understand which parts of the NIR spectrum are really relevant to characterize the wood. On the basis of this preliminary sampling, we will refine and improve the chemometrical algorithm that will allow us to relate the new spectra with our global database.


Sampling and methodology milestones

  Milestone 3. Data base architecture and computerization, cloud based app programming

Progress:   10%

Nowadays TIC are behind most of the technologies and NIRWOOD Project is not different. The future NIR device will connect via bluetooth to a cellphone with a particular NIRWOOD APP. It will make a preliminary treatment of the data and will connect via satellite with our data base located in the Cloud. This complex system needs a perfectly fitted architecture and computerization in all its steps.

Data base Milestones

Image author: Luis de Luque. Data base Milestones

Milestone 4. NIRWOOD device optimization and calibration

Progress:   0%

Spectrometers require a fine calibration to correctly interpret the information coming in shape of reflected light. Hardware (light source, grating, lens, prisms, detectors, etc.) must be perfectly consistent with our software (algorithm, app, data base architecture) to produce the best results.

Milestone 5. NIRWOOD Pilot tests

Progress:   0%

Once our NIR device will be already built, we will proceed to test it on field. Once again we will test on timber of well know species with unequivocal geographical origin. We will also put our attention in accuracy, sampling speed, ergonomy, resistance, durability, and all other features that will make of NIRWOOD device to be a perfect technological solution for the timber market.

Milestone 6. Spectral data base creation (World wide sampling) using NIRWOOD

Progress:   0%

The NIRWOOD usefulness depends greatly on how many species and origins is it able to discern. To maximize its possibilities we will take controlled samples from around 30 countries, in almost all the continents, and will target in near hundred different botanical species. It will be, together with NIR device optimization, the core of our project.

Milestone 7. Market readiness and certification issues, IPR strategy, dissemination and exploitation

Progress:   0%

To convert our NIRWOOD spectrometer in an useful tool for the timber market we will need to reach it through a dissemination program that includes assistance to fairs and specialized workshops as well as advertising campaigns in internet. Before this moment, device must count with all certificates ensuring that it covers all worldwide proprietary, industrial and commercial standards as well as intellectual property rights.

Device Milestones

Image author: Luis de Luque. Device Milestones.