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Both single SME or a consortium of SMEs can apply for funding under the SME Instrument. GEA Forestal create NIRWOOD Project. Learn more about us.

About us: GEA Forestal (Gestión Forestal Responsable S.L.)

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Our company is an active Spanish entity working in the woodworking and forestry sectors. We have been operating as joint freelancers under GEA FORESTAL trademark for 12 years. In GEA FORESTAL we are specialised in the following fields:

  • Implementation of Due Diligence methodologies for wood manufacturing industries in order to comply with EUTR normative.
  • Consulting and environmental Assessment.
  • Design and drafting of projects for the European Social Fund and various proposals that were approved and successfully implemented.
  • Implementation of the FSC (Forest Stewardship Certification) and PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) forest management and chain of custody systems. We are currently the Spanish leaders in this field for FSC certification, managing the highest amount of groups, supervising the biggest private area certified (29,700 ha) in Spain and the highest number of managed Forest Management Units in the country. It is remarkable to mention that we have also been the first and unique entity (so far) in preparing other forest-related exploitations different to wood and timber (i.e cork) to achieve the FSC seal in Spain.
  • Permanent Assistance to forest owners and managers during their certification processes.
  • Design and drafting of Forest Management Plans.
  • Development of both Project Management and Technical Management Forestry Plans.
  • Development of strategies and projects of Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Calculation of Carbon Footprint PAS 2050, ISO 14064, GHG Protocol
  • Forestry engineering and certification training aimed at both public and private entities.
  • GIS, GPS and new technologies (such as NIR) applied to the analysis of the Natural Environment and Cartography.

Many of our clients are timber traders and use these voluntary certification systems, both PEFC and/or FSC, to ensure their environment commitment. We offer them a complete service also helping them to identify possible risks in their international timber trade operations. In this sense, we seek the preservation and enhancement of our environment through the responsible use of natural resources.


The heart of NIRWOOD Project in GEA Forestal are:


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